Photo Of Good Samaritan Helping Man With Math Goes Viral

A subway car recently became a classroom for one father trying to relearn elementary school math to help his son.

Denise Wilson was tired and heading home when saw the two strangers across from her on the subway. What she overheard warmed her heart.

She noticed Corey Simmons, looking at math problems inside of a folder. A few stops later a passenger sat down next to Corey and noticed what he was working on.

“The guy next to him sat down and asked him what he’s studying, ‘you look a little confused maybe I can help,'” Wilson wrote. Corey told the man that his son had failed a math test and he’s trying to relearn fractions so he can help him.

The man explained he was a retired math teacher and for the rest of the time Denise was on her commute, she saw the teacher help Corey through each of the problems.

“The guy in the black informed him he use to be a math teacher so he asked the guy to quiz him and everything he got wrong or was confused about he broke it down and corrected him,” Wilson wrote on Facebook. “By the end of my train ride the guy in the red had a better understanding he can bring home a new method and teach his child.”

Denise’s spirits were lifted by what she saw, and told CBS2 News afterwards, “I started tearing up. It was just one person helping another, and I thought that was beautiful.”

CBS also tracked Corey down, who revealed it had been around 30 years since he did fractions. But when Corey JR was struggling in class it was time to get to work. Corey shared another important lesson with his son during the interview – to not be shy to ask for help.

Watch their interview below and share this heartwarming act of kindness with your friends and family.