Frog Tries To Eat A Beetle For Dinner

A family caught sight of a frog trying to have dinner but who ended up biting off more than he chew. They spotted the frog on the ledge of their pond when a large beetle wandered into view.

screenshot via YouTube

That’s when the frog did what frogs do and his long, sticky tongue darted out to catch the beetle and draw it into his mouth. Expecting a tasty meal, the frog was taken aback when he tried to eat the huge bug!

The frog spits it out almost instantly. “He sent it back to the chef,” said redditor christosthered.

screenshot via YouTube

One Redditor (and entomologist) identified the insect as a horned passalus, Odontotaenius disjunctus. “It’s a beetle with some pretty out of the ordinary behaviors including full parental care and presocial lifestyle.” And in this instance, it was its size that protected it from becoming a frog’s dinner.

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