Heroic Thai Fisherman Valiantly Puts Himself At Risk To Help Tourists Stuck In Mud

A Thai fisherman is being hailed as a hero after he came to the rescue of elderly tourists who became trapped in mud by the shore of the Krabi River. The Norwegian couple were birdwatching with their camera and did not realize how dangerous the riverbed’s mud could be.

They soon became stuck fast and unable to budge. With the possibility of the tide rising and night falling, it was a very dangerous situation to be trapped in.

That’s when the fisherman arrives to help. He first takes their camera and belongings to shore and then comes back to help pull them out. He attempts to free them a few times, but the mud’s suction is too great.

That’s when he valiantly lies face down in the mud and putting himself at risk, lets them walk over him to safety! And what does he do afterwards? He heads back to his boat!

Apparently, the couple tried to contact the Thai man to show their gratitude but he told reporters he did not want anything in return. Now that’s a hero!