Firefighters Save Tiny Hummingbird They Find Outside Their Station

A distressed hummingbird found the right doorstep to land for help when she collapsed out front of the Richburg Fire-Rescue station’s engine bay. First responders at the South Carolina station spotted the lifeless bird on the ground and ran to her aid.

She was still breathing, so there was still hope to save her.

They mixed a little sugar into a bottle cap for her to drink and attempted to revive her.

The hummingbird welcomed the sugary drink and began to slurp it up.

“We found a hummingbird laying on the floor in the engine bay this morning that was exhausted and dehydrated. Several members worked with the bird until it was able to stand and fly away. This isn’t the first time this has happened and knowing our members, it will not be the last!” the department wrote on their Facebook page.

After a bit of time, the hummingbird was revived and it was finally able to stand on its own. And a little bit later she flew off. Rescuing the bird made the firefighters’ day.

“You can teach almost anyone how to be a firefighter, a medic or just about anything imaginable,” they added. “What is virtually impossible to teach is compassion. We are fortunate that we have a tremendous group in our department that has passion and desire to help, regardless of the situation.”