Terrified Donkey Escapes From Burning Forest And Refuses To Leave Firefighters’ Side

The following story reinforces how awesome firefighters are! While fighting a brush fire in Mohave Valley, Arizona, Desert Hills Fire Department Chief Bill Weber and 10 other firefighters were fighting the blaze when a frightened donkey came out of the brush and stood by their side.

Karen Kuehnel shared a photo of the scene on August 2015 on Facebook and wrote, “This terrified wild donkey would not leave the firefighters sides yesterday at the Willow Fire in Mohave Valley. Photo taken by my neighbor and friend, Chief Bill Weber of the Desert Hills Fire District. The firefighters sprayed the donkey down and he was safely removed from the danger. Way to go guys!!!”


Photo credit: Facebook / Bill Weber

“That is awesome,” one commenter wrote. “That donkey knows they saved him.” Another wrote, “We live in an awesome place. These wild donkeys roam freely, usually love their human friends. Today they found comfort with them.”

A little later, Stacey Benjamin shared another photo with the caption: “A Break for the guys and their new pal! My hubby is on the left! Glad that they are in good spirits! Working hard! That’s for sure!”


Photo credit: Facebook / Stacey Benjamin

It turns out the donkey has an owner, but the burro’s owner was forced to leave the animal behind when he was evacuated from his home. Authorities said that the donkey was reunited with his owner. They plan on following up with the donkey’s owner to ensure that the animal gets proper hoof care, as several people noted that in one of the photos the donkey appears to have an overgrown hind hoof.

Because residents had to evacuate quickly, many were forced to leave their animals behind. The Willow Fire has burned down several homes in the area and the American Red Cross is there helping those affected by the fire.

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