Dog Chasing A Deer Being Chased By His Owner Is Like A Scene From A Classic Comedy

Fenton the Labrador Retriever is visiting Richmond Park in London when he sees a red deer and find the animal way too enticing! What a bystander caught on camera has become an Internet classic. Fenton has become the “gold standard” of what happens when a dog refuses to listen to his human and by “gold” I mean pure comedy gold!

Watch the funny video below.

Fenton became a huge viral video sensation, but he and his human kept a low profile after the incident, likely because dogs in the park should be under control at all times for the safety of the deer and dogs, as the video below elaborates.

It is always important for the safety of other animals and your dog that your dog responds to recall and knows how to heel. But Fenton’s escapades will continue to bring smiles to everyone’s faces. Share this video if you agree!

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