Family Chased By Cheetahs After Leaving Car In Dutch Safari Park

A French family on holiday in the Netherlands narrowly escaped being attacked by cheetahs after they got out of their car at the Beekse Bergen safari park for a closer look at the animals – with their kids in tow!

The Dutch visitors watching them from their car were shocked and recorded the frightening incident on video.

In the video footage, two adults and a child are seen getting out of their car to get a closer look at a group of sunbathing cheetahs, much to the alarm of the Dutch people following behind them.

But fortunately, nothing sinister occurs and the family get back in their car and continue on, much to the relief of the Dutch family, who are heard saying that the people are very lucky.

But seconds later, the same tourists exit their car a second time. That’s when the Dutch drivers notice the cheetahs suddenly moving into attack mode and converging on the clueless tourists.

The family is seen grabbing their children and making a hasty retreat to their car, escaping the cheetahs just in the nick of time.

According to multiple sources, the safari park has very strict rules that no one is to exit their vehicle in the park. The rules and risks are clearly outlined and relayed in several languages (including English, French, German) throughout the park.

A person who used to work there also said: “All cars go through a ticket control where the car is checked from the outside for any stuff that can harm the animals. And the people in the car get a verbal explanation of the dangers and what can happen and what not to do.”

In 2009, a nine-year-old boy was bitten on the arm by a cheetah after leaving his family’s car. Fortunately, he escaped with just the bite. And it’s extremely lucky that nothing more serious happened to this family!

Watch the heart-stopping video below.