Family And Dog Rescued From Sinking Truck That ‘Flew’ Off Dock

Jeff Jones is a captain of a ship and is used to seeing fish pulled out of the sea. But the captain witnessed a whole other kind of fishing when a family drove off a dock and had to be rescued from their sinking truck.

Jones had just come to work to pick something up when he heard a “horrific sound” and saw the truck barrel down the pier and into the water. He immediately ran to the nearby Long Beach Fire and Lifeguard station to alert them. He pounded on their door to get their attention, he explains in the video.

He was on hand to film lifeguards trying to save the people in the submerging truck by the docks at Alamitos Bay, Long Beach, on August 18, 2018. In the video, they frantically try to open the doors of the red Dodge truck to free an elderly woman, her son and their Chihuahua.

At one point, as rescuers were trying to get the man out of the car, the water and door kept rolling up the window. Things got “pretty chaotic, very fast” Jones said afterwards.

But fortunately, the rescuers pulled the dog out of the open window first and then managed to get the mother and son out safely too.

Jones not only helped save the family, but he caught the whole rescue on video too. Watch the dramatic rescue in the video below.

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