Duck/Rabbit Illusion Can Provide Insight Into How Creative You Are

When you look at the image below, what do you see? A duck or a rabbit? This optical illusion illustration  has been around for over 100 years and still entertains and enthrals people of all ages. But did you know the image can also be used to test your creativity?

First study the image below and note what you see.


Image source: Wikipedia

Which did you see first? The duck or the rabbit? Most people actually see both animals quite easily. But the real test is how quickly do you flip between the two animals?

When you switched between the duck and the rabbit did you notice it quickly or did you really have to concentrate? Richard Wiseman and his colleagues believe that the ability to flip between the two animals is related to one’s creativity.

They tested people’s ability to use everyday objects in novel ways and then showed them the image. Those participants that flipped more quickly between the duck and the rabbit had more talent for making connections between two previously unconnected ideas or things, a skill attributed to highly creative people.

Fascinating! It’s interesting that a classical optical illusion such as this one can provide insights into the way our mind works!

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