Dolphin ‘Pranks’ Stand-Up Paddle Boarder Just For The Fun Of It

A paddle boarder in Gracetown, Western Australia, got a close encounter with a pod of dolphins that he wasn’t expecting.

“Waiting to film surfers when Lucas noticed a pod of dolphins that appeared to be chasing fish,” the video description reads. “The pod of about 20 dolphins then turned to catch a wave, when one dolphin jumped out of the water and knocked Stand Up Paddle Boarder Andrew Hill off his board with a nice bump!”

People who watched the video believe the dolphin might have given the man a friendly bump on purpose.

“I worked with dolphins for a summer internship and I am entirely certain this was intentional,” a commentor wrote. “I’m also fairly confident it was not meant aggressively otherwise the dolphin would have hit rostrum (nose) first which can cause serious injury.”

“They are super mischievous and often do things/make up games for the fun of it. They even seem to enjoy causing vexation.”

Young dolphins are well known for causing mischief and can be aggressive and dangerous, but in this case it seems the dolphin was maybe telling the boarder “get your own wave”!

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