Dogs Snarl At Each Other But Only When There’s A Fence Between Them

Not only do fences and walls create a physical boundaries but they can create a mental ones as well. That’s certainly the case with the two dogs appearing in a funny video from Rayong, Thailand.

The two dogs are standing on either side of a gate and snarl and bark aggressively at one another. But the moment the gate is pulled away from between them? They immediately quiet down.

To demonstrate this is not a one-time thing, the person who is offside in the video pushes the gate closed again only for the dogs to once again begin ferociously barking at one another. The gate is withdrawn again and, presto, the dogs go silent.

Viewers instantly have likened the dogs’ reactions to the online behavior of people on social media. “That is humans on and off the internet,” commented one. “A good representation of social media,” wrote another. “Twitter in a nutshell,” added someone else. One person observing the dogs’ behavior noted the dogs immediately display calming signals as soon as they see one another, indicating that the fence is perhaps making the dogs territorial?

But the dogs certainly demonstrate how removing barriers can have a powerful effect on communicating with one another!

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