Dog Can’t Contain Her Happiness Seeing Owner’s Sister For First Time In Months

Mikka the Goldendoodle was absolutely ecstatic to see her owner’s sister for the first time in months at a home in New York.

“We’ve been fortunate to raise the funniest, smartest, happiest human-like dog in the world,” the dog’s owner told Newsflare. “Our goldendoodle, Mikka, thinks everyone comes over just to see her (which is true).”

So it’s no wonder Mikka is beside herself when her aunty Rachel comes for a visit after several months away. For a dog, it must have felt like Rachel had been gone forever.

“This is a video of her greeting my sister (her aunt Rachel) after she had’t seen her for a few months,” the owner added. “There is jumping, crying and lots of kisses.”

With a welcome home like this I’d never want to leave.