Woman Faces Animal Cruelty Charges After Posting Photo Of Dog With Snout Tied Up On Facebook

Police acted swiftly when they received several notifications from concerned Facebook users who had seen a photo of a dog with a shoe string tied around his snout.

The Shiloh Police Department reported that they had several people contact them because they believed the lace could restrict the dog’s ability to breathe. The photo on Facebook was tagged with the caption, “When you chew up mommy’s shoe laces…”

Within the day, the officers in Illinois had tracked down 24-year-old Sarah Boothby, who told the officers that she had the shoestring around the dog’s nose for less than a minute.

However, police charged Boothby with one count of cruelty to an animal because the shoelaces were tied “in a manner that appeared that it could restrict the dog’s air flow.” The dog appeared to be in good health otherwise.

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