Dog Super Excited To Retrieve Kickoff Tee At Football Game

Dogs will do almost anything to fetch a ball. But this dog will do anything to fetch a football kickoff tee. That’s because he’s especially trained to retrieve it during games for the Broncos college football team. College football fans love to watch the kickoff and see the players run down the Boise State’s blue-turf field, but this Retriever dog loves to watch them tee off for a different reason. As soon as the ball is kicked down the field, he runs out to grab the kickoff tee and bring it back to his handler. From the looks of it, not only does he take his job seriously, he is super excited to do it!

Watch him in action in the cute video below.

There are dogs who retrieve baseball bats and deliver water to umpires, and take tennis balls off the court, so why not dogs who retrieve kickoff tees? Share this cute video with your friends and family.