Dog Stranded On Island For Weeks So Relieved To Be Hugged By Rescuer

A dog spotted on an isolated island three weeks after Hurricane Laura is safe thanks to a couple who saw her from their vacation home on the coast of Louisiana.

Chris and Claudia noticed the stranded, skinny dog, who had been likely swept away by the flooding after the hurricane. Their attempt at rescuing her failed, as she was too afraid to let them near her. That’s when they contacted Aja-Nikiya Estro, founder of Compassion Kind for help.

Aja shares how “Marsha” may have been skittish after being alone for so long on the island by herself, but that “once she got in the boat, she was very much at peace.” Marsha was no doubt relieved to be safe at last.

Marsha’s family could not be found but she has been adopted!

In the video below is further footage of Marsha’s rescue and some further information on Compassion Kind’s work in Louisiana.

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