Family’s American Bulldog Stops Man’s Murderous Rampage

Dogs truly are “man’s best friend”. The following news story reveals that dogs not only protect their loved ones but can sometimes protect the community at-large.

An American Bulldog named Wilson is being credited with putting an end to a deadly crime spree in Atlanta, Georgia that left one woman stabbed and another dead.

Wilson was at home with his owner, Adra Wilson, when a man broke in and tried to hide from police. According to Henry County police, the man known as Donte Wyatt, had stabbed his estranged wife and murdered another woman earlier in the day before being chased by officers and escaping on foot.

However, the moment Wyatt set foot in Wilson’s home, the blue blood bulldog sprang into action, protecting Andra and scaring Wyatt into the basement. The dog kept him there until police arrived and surrounded the home.

“He just basically acted as a deterrent, and kept the intruder from coming upstairs,” Adra’s husband, Eric Wilson said. Police told Eric that Wilson had bit Wyatt a few times to keep him at bay.

Eventually police safely got Andra out of the home and tear-gassed the house until Wyatt surrendered.

Henry County police said that Wyatt’s crime spree began on the morning of April 13, 2015 when Wyatt arranged to meet with his ex-wife at Stockbridge Waffle House. Her father revealed that his daughter was in the process of getting a restraining order against Wyatt but thought she would be safe meeting him in the public place. But Wyatt pulled out a knife and stabbed her multiple times before running off. According to the father, Wyatt appears to have brought along duct tape and straps and had intended on kidnapping her and killing her.

Wyatt then appears to have continued on his murderous rampage and drove to the home of Catherine Han Montoya and murdered her. Police said that Wyatt then stole Montoya’s car, crashed it and broke into Adra’s home, where he was stopped by Wilson.

A memorial fund has been set up to help Montoya’s family and Wyatt is now facing multiple charges. Wyatt’s estranged wife has had surgery for the stabbing and is recovering in a hospital.

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