After A Year Missing, Dog Reunites with Mom In Time For Holidays

A Pit Bull who disappeared nearly a year ago had a happy reunion with her family thanks to some kind Good Samaritans determined to rescue her. Gracie, six-year-old Pit Bull, rain away from her Chicago home after a visitor accidentally left the front door open.

Gracie’s mom, Kelly Shade, cried for months and searched for her dog but without any luck.

“We posted signs everywhere; we posted on Lost Dog Illinois, contacted all the shelters in the neighborhood and I just cried for months,” she told ABC7 Chicago.

Shade didn’t know it, but two miles away some neighbors noticed a dog wandering in their Jackson Park Highlands neighborhood in the summer. Gracie was too frightened to approach anyone. But that did not deter Polly Ellison who began to feed Gracie. In the next few months she earned Gracie’s trust. She enlisted the help of local rescuer Katie Campbell. As soon as they had Gracie secured they detected a microchip and reached out to Shade that very same day.

“I just started crying all over again,” Shade said after learning Gracie had been found.

When the two reunited, Gracie’s tail quickly began wagging like crazy. “She just lost it and I lost it,” Shade told the news outlet before adding, “Definitely a holiday miracle.”

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