Dogs At Play And Work Joyfully Celebrated In Award Winning Photographs

Whether playing, working, or relaxing at home, dogs are steadfast companions for countless people around the world. That’s why it is always a pleasure to see these moments captured on camera.

Every year, The Kennel Club of the United Kingdom puts out a contest for Dog Photographer of the Year, and every year photographers from around the globe submit their very best images.

Overall winner and Man’s Best Friend category: Roger Sjolstad, Norway

We’ve featured some of the winning entries on And here are the delightful winners from 2013, which include delightful puppies, dogs playing in snow and the beach and more. Enjoy!

Puppies 1st Place Winner, Ali Trew ©, UK

Dogs at Work 1st Place Winner, Susan Stone Amport ©, Switzerland

Judges Mention ‘Be More Dog o2’, Dogs at Play, Mary Wilde ©

Dogs at Play 1st Place Winner, Richard Shore ©, UK

Puppies 2nd Place Winner, Simon Reynolds ©, UK

Portrait 1st Place Winner, Phillip Watts ©, UK

I Love Dogs Because… (under 16) 1st Place Winner, Katie Davies ©, UK

Portrait 3rd Place Winner, Mark Malloy ©, UK

Portrait 2nd Place Winner, Paula Millard ©, UK

Puppies 3rd Place Winner, Rhian White ©, UK

I Love Dogs Because… (under 16) 3rd Place Winner, Miriam Jiagbogu ©, UK

I Love Dogs Because… (under 16) 2nd Place Winner, Abbie Lee ©, UK

Dogs at Work 2nd Place Winner, Jon Hawkins ©, UK

Dogs at Play 3rd Place Winner, Maurice Jones ©, UK

Man’s Best Friend 3rd Place Winner, Andrew Freeth ©, UK

Dogs at Play 2nd Place Winner, Maureen Quinn ©, UK

To find out more about the Dog Photographer of the Year competition, visit their website.

The Kennel Club is the largest organization in the UK devoted to dog health, welfare and training. Its objective is to ensure that dogs live healthy, happy lives with responsible owners.

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