A Dog’s Love Of Work, Play And Friendship Highlighted In Award-Winning Photographs

Dogs are always at the top of the list when it comes to choosing interesting subjects to photograph. With their active natures, variety of expressions, their desire to please, and their presence in all aspects of human lives, dogs give photographers plenty of opportunities to take great pictures. So is it any wonder that the Dog Photographer of The Year contest, held annually by the UK Kennel Club, brings together some of the best images you can find of our canine friends?

Overall Winner / Portrait 1st Place Winner, Tina Williams © , UK

The collection below is from 10 years ago – 2011 – and features a greyhound playing hide-and-seek, a dog sheepherding and many others.

Portrait 2nd Place Winner, Deborah Rubens ©, USA

Dogs at Play 1st Place Winner, Warren Keep, © UK

All the images were selected by a jury of experts who carefully look through tens of thousands of entries from all of over the globe.

Dogs at Play 2nd Place Winner, Ian Lambert © , UK

Dogs at Work 1st Place Winner, Mark Molloy ©, UK

There are photographers of all ages (there’s even an under 16 years old category) and all nationalities.

Portrait 4th Place Winner, Taida Tarabula ©, Poland

Dogs at Play 3rd Place, Andy Biggar, © UK

I Love Dogs Because… (under 16) 1st Place Winner, Amy Louise Wilton ©, UK

I Love Dogs Because… (under 16) 2nd Place Winner, Keni Akutu ©, UK

But what they all have in common is they are all dog lovers and they all take fantastic photos of our four-legged friends.

Man’s Best Friend 1st Place Winner, Amanda Hewes ©, UK

Dogs at Work 2nd Place Winner, Alex Fairfull ©, UK

Portrait 3rd Place Winner, Kirsty Hogan ©, UK

Dogs at Play 4th Place Winner, Robert Patefield ©, UK

Portrait 5th Place Winner, Errol Sidelsky ©, UK

Dogs at Play 5th Place Winner, Lucinda Seamonds ©, UK

Dogs at Work 3rd Place Winner, Elizabeth Lane ©, UK

Dogs at Work 4th Place Winner, Robert Patefield, © UK

Dogs at Work 5th Place Winner, Roz Greening ©, UK

Man’s Best Friend 2nd Place Winner, Amie Lipley ©, UK

Man’s Best Friend 3rd Place Winner, Liz Coleman ©, UK

Man’s Best Friend 4th Place Winner, Andy Biggar ©, UK

Man’s Best Friend 5th Place Winner, Clare Chick ©, UK

I Love Dogs Because… (under16) 3rd Place Winner, Danielle Connor ©, UK

I Love Dogs Because (under 16) 4th Place Winner, Megan Smith ©, UK

I Love Dogs Because… (under 16) 5th Place Winner, Toyah Warner ©, UK

The Kennel Club is the largest organization in the UK devoted to dog health, welfare and training. Their main goal is to ensure that dogs live healthy, happy lives with responsible owners. Throughout the year they host events and activities for dog owners. They also organize Crufts, the largest dog show in the world.

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To find out more about the Dog Photography of the Year competition, visit their website.

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