Dog Hilariously Flips Out When He Discovers A Clam At The Beach

It doesn’t take much to make a dog happy. A walk on the beach will do it. That’s what happened when George Dumaine took his vizsla for a walk on the sandy shore.

Now, vizsla’s are a breed known for their funny antics. Whether sneaking up on a “wolf” or being lazy getting up the dogs are well-known for their energy, gentle nature and their “hunterly” instincts. This goes towards explaining George’s dog’s reaction in the video below.

The dog is very, VERY excited about his discovery at the beach. And what did he find? A clam. I know. It doesn’t sound very exciting. But I found myself smiling and getting equally enthusiastic at the find by simply watching this goofy dog prance and jump around with joy. I’m not the only one. Since George posted his video, it’s gotten over 40 million page views! It just goes to show, a happy dog equals a happy human.

(Note: there’s no sound with the video, sadly, but you can imagine the huffs of glee that the dog is no doubt making)

This enthusiastic dog reminds me of the Dachshund who finds a crab friend at the beach. You can watch that cute video here.