Rescuers Search For Days To Catch Dog Dumped At Airport, Her Reaction Makes It All Worthwhile

Hope For Paws received a call about a little dog abandoned at the LAX airport. Every time they tried to get close, she would run into traffic, so they decided to set up a trap. But first they had to figure out where she was hiding.

It took them several days for them to track her down – she hid on a multi-level parking lot, making it very difficult to catch her.

When they finally caught her they noticed she had a collar on without a tag. But they found a microchip on Viva but the owner told them “they no longer owned the dog”. Unable to get more information, Hope For Paws promised Viva that they would find her a new family, one who would cherish her.

Watch Viva’s rescue in the video below and please share to help her find a forever home.

Viva is being fostered through Foxy and the Hounds and is available for adoption.

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