Dog Comforts His Injured Owner At Scene Of Bus Accident

After a public bus crashed in Medellin, Colombia, it was the unexpected presence of a dog who provided comfort at the scene.

The bus had crashed due to a mechanical failure and 38 people were injured as a result. Thankfully, no one was seriously hurt.

When the wife of one of the passengers was alerted about the accident, she came running to the scene and she brought Lucas, their dog. Upon seeing his dad lying down on the ground on a stretcher, Lucas ran to his dad, sniffing him and making sure he was okay.

The man patted Lucas, reassuring his concerned dog that he was all right.

When paramedics move Lucas’ dad, the dog stays right by his side, his tail wagging furiously. There’s no way he’s letting his dad out of his sight!

El Colombiano reported that the 38 injured people were take to medical centers for treatment. No doubt Lucas will be more than relieved when his dad can come home.

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