Naughty Dog Caught Stealing Carrots From Garden

Many dogs enjoy eating vegetables, especially carrots. But Buddy the dog really loves fresh carrots. And by “fresh” we mean straight out of the ground!

A dog owner from Port Alberni, British Columbia recently caught their dog digging in the garden. Curious as to what their dog was up to, they ventured out to take a look. And wouldn’t you know, they discovered the animal that had been responsible for munching on their carrots!


The dog owner wrote:

“I saw my dog Buddy out the window laying in the garden bed with something in his mouth, I started recording as I walked outside and he had dug holes in the garden, dug up the carrots, and was in the process of eating another one when I caught him in the act. We had been wondering what had been chewing off the carrot tops.”

Note: video does not have sound.

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