Clever Dog Caught On Camera Using Toddler’s Training Potty

A California man discovered that their son wasn’t the only one being trained how to use potty when he caught his dog using the boy’s training toilet in the middle of the night. The father discovered the training toilet had been used in the morning and thought it very odd. After all, he and his wife always clean up after. Had their son somehow snuck out of bed and used it? So the dad went to check the hidden camera footage and made a surprising discovery. It turns out that his dog was the culprit!

In the footage, the dog takes a sniff at the small toilet and circles it a couple of times before crouching over and using it just like a human would!

The dog’s owner said: “I got home from work at 5 am and noticed poop in my son’s training toilet and thought that’s weird how did my wife miss this? I checked the cameras and this is what I found.”

Hilarious! The dog no doubt taught himself how to use the toilet, possibly from watching his little human using it. He probably smelled that the kid used it so he should too! Watch the funny video below:

If you have trouble viewing the video above, try the one below.

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