Adorable Dog ‘Blesses’ People Leaving Temple

A dog seen greeting people outside of the Siddhivinayak Temple In Mumbai has gone viral after a bystander filmed him “blessing” the devotees.

The adorable video shows the dog sitting outside of the exit gate of the temple and giving people high fives and handshakes if they stop and say hello.

The dog must be a regular because one man appears to have brought a bag of treats specifically for the dog.

Another man coming out of the temple bows his head down in front of the dog and gets a tap on the head with his paw – a doggie blessing!

The video, which has received tens of thousands of likes, was reportedly posted originally by Arun Limadia onto Facebook.

There is no word whether or not the dog has an owner or if it is one of the thousands of strays that give in the city.

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