Adorable Dog At Animal Shelter Who Reinvents The ‘Sit’ Finds Forever Home

At around 9 years old, Mayah has picked up a trick or two in her life, as shelter staff at LifeLine Animal Project recently discovered. They learned that the sweet dog had a special trick when asked to sit – she sits on her rear just like a person!

The shelter in Atlanta, Georgia shared a video of Mayah’s special interpretation of “the sit” and wrote:

“This silly gal wowed us with her special trick and then quickly stole our hearts with her incredibly sweet and loving personality. She is best friends with everyone she meets and can’t wait to become BFFs with you!”

Mayah was rescued from a drug house during a police raid. And although it’s been a week since her video was posted, Mayah is still “waiting for her special someone.” She’s now moved to a loving foster home “where she can rest her paws while she waits for her special someone” the shelter writes. Just look at that smile!

Well, that special someone turned out to be her foster caregiver! Several months after she went to stay with them, Mayah was formally adopted!

Now she enjoys plenty of activities.

Naps and snuggles on rainy days.

And she helps out Lifeline Animal Project get the word out about other adoptable pets like her!

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