Dog Filmed Running After Man Who Abandoned Him at Shelter Finds a New Family

A Blue Heeler who was abandoned in a shelter’s parking lot has found a wonderful new home after video was released of him chasing after the man who left him there.

Earlier this month, a video was released of a man dropping off the Blue Heeler at the front door of Hawkins County Humane Society in Tennessee on a Saturday afternoon. The shelter was closed at the time because it was under quarantine, so the man simply left the dog out front.

But when the man attempted to leave, the dog, nicknamed Rawhide and now named Toby, desperately chased after him, jumping on him to get his attention.

The man pushed Toby away and drove off, even as Toby chased after his truck as he pulled onto the highway, according to WJHL.

Fortunately, HCHS staff spotted the dog and ran after him to bring him safely inside the shelter.

The Hawkins County Sheriff’s Office did find the dog’s owner but no charges were filed. HCHS said that the man had expressed remorse for leaving the dog, and that they believe the public humiliation he received on social media was sufficient punishment. They later posted the email sent to them from the man, who stated the dog was not his but was, in fact, a stray he had rescued.

As for Toby – he hit the jackpot when it comes to an adoptive home. Taylor Helton, who lives not far from the shelter on a farm, immediately knew she could give Toby the perfect home.

She went to the shelter every day for two weeks straight to spend time with him and get to know him. Even though the shelter received hundreds of applications, they knew Taylor was the one who should adopt him.

Taylor has two other Blue Heelers and a large farm with nine horses and 50 cows. Toby has quickly settled in, becoming the older big brother to the other two dogs and doesn’t leave Taylor’s side.

Taylor shared video of Toby enjoying play time with his new siblings.

“Taylor has come so far with his training as he was very high energy. He follows her around off leash and listens to her commands I think this boy is going to have the best life ever,” the shelter wrote.

“Even though he was mistreated, he was still so sweet, and I love heelers,” Taylor told the Times News. “I’m on a farm and I have horses and cattle, and they’re (heelers) really good with horses and cows and just really good, loyal dogs.”

She added, “When I go on a walk on the farm, he’ll walk so close to me that he brushes my leg. He will not leave my side. He doesn’t use a lead. He just follows me like my other ones do. He’s got a younger brother and a younger sister now that he plays with all the time.”

“He became a member of the family right away. This is the home he always deserved, and now he’s here.”

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