Amazing Budgie Loves Beat Boxing and Sharing His Favorite Phrases

Meet Disco the Parakeet. You’ll love what he has to say!

Disco is 100% the real deal. He resides in Western New York with his three humans, a very barky dog (Freddie) and a guinea pig, whose name is Lu-Lu. He loves beat-boxing and riffing and his favorite phrases include “Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto” and “What seems to be the problem, officer…”

Disco’s humans say Disco is officially a budgerigar/budgie (Melopsittacus undulatus), but they’re commonly referred to as parakeets in the United States (hence “Disco the Parakeet”). Budgies are apparently in the “top of the class when it comes to excellent mimics in the parrot family”.

Disco shows just how good they can be at mimicking when he goes “on a roll with many of his (and possibly your) favorite phrases.” He even has a few variations on some famous phrases like “Nobody puts baby bird in the corner” and “Disco Budgie in the house tonight.” Can you catch any others?

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