Deputies Can’t Stop Laughing When They Find ‘Prowler’ Trying To Escape Through Skylight

“Sheriff’s Deputies responded to a reported prowler at a residence. They arrived and quickly caught the culprit as he tried to escape the residence through an unsecured skylight,” the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office wrote on Facebook regarding a recent incident that deputies responded to.

As dramatic as the event sounds, it actually ended with the deputies dying with laughter after it was determined that the suspected home intruder was, in fact, the home owner’s Great Dane.

Before solving the case, Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office were responding to an emergency call from the 18-year-old inside the residence, who thought a suspected intruder was breaking into his home.  His dogs’ frantic barking had alerted him and he rounded them up and locked them in a room to get out of harm’s way and hide from the prowler. He then called 911.

Deputies quickly arrived and searched outside for signs of a break-in. That’s when they beamed their flashlights onto the roof and saw a Great Dane poking his head out of the skylight!

Department spokesperson Spencer Crum told The Dodo that’s when the deputies “ditched all tactics and died laughing.” It turns out that the young caller had failed to account for the Great Dane in all the panic.


Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office

The big dog likely triggered the panic when he somehow managed to get to the upstairs bedroom and poked his head out (maybe to enjoy the evening breeze?), which sent the other dogs into a tizzy because they couldn’t do the same.

“Apparently, the littler dogs had been freaking out because they couldn’t get up there,” said Crum.

In conclusion, “the Deputies conducted a thorough investigation and determined the culprit had been a ‘bad dog’ so he got no treats,” the department jokingly wrote.

That has to be a house call the deputies will remember for a long time! It reminds me of when a group of firefighters were called to save a Great Dane from a tree!

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