Police Officer Gets Chased Down By Little Pig On The Loose

A swine was on the loose and it was up to police to chase down the adventuring animal in a Florida neighborhood. But the little pig – later identified as “Willie” – ended up being the one giving chase.

Cape Coral Police Officer Ray Schilke III responded to an animal complaint recently when he found himself being chased down by Willie. He filmed an adorable clip, fully aware of the “meta” of the situation.

“Oh no,” Schilke said. “The ‘pigs’ are being chased by little pigs.”

The officer meets neighbors along the way, but they didn’t know who Willie’s owners might be. But Cape Coral Police later revealed on Facebook that “the story ended on a positive because he found Willie’s home. Willie refused to squeal on any co-conspirators. No charges were filed against Willie.”

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