Brave Police Officer Saves Dog Being Swept Away In Flash Flood

This video had my heart beating in my chest! Police came to the rescue of a dog caught in a flash flood in the Liboriana ravine near the town of Salgar in Antioquia, Colombia. Days before, a landslide swept through the town, destroying hundreds of homes and leaving at least 62 people dead. The small town was practically wiped off the map.

Amidst the disaster, Colombian police spotted a dog drowning in the water. The video below captures the pulse-pounding rescue. The police officers race after the dog and one risks his life jumping in to the waters to save him.

As soon as they pull the dog to safety they immediately began administering CPR and mouth-to-snout resuscitation. At the end of the video, you see them carrying the pup to a vehicle where he gets further medical attention.

These officers were incredibly brave! Share this amazing rescue with your friends and family!

And in more fantastic news, the dog, now named Principe, has been adopted by the police officer who saved him!


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