Depressed Chimp Rescued From Roadside Zoo Meets Other Chimp For First Time In Years

A 32-year-old chimpanzee named Iris was being held all alone in a tiny, barren, and dark cell at a roadside zoo in Georgia. With virtually nothing to do, and no companionship, Iris often smeared her own feces on the walls of the cell and spent almost all her time huddled under a dirty blanket.


Photo credit: YouTube

But thanks to a generous benefactor, PETA freed Iris from her cage. Following negotiations, Iris was freed and sent to the Save the Chimps sanctuary in Florida.

Within days of arriving at the sanctuary, Iris was introduced to her next-door neighbor, Abdul. It was likely her first sight of one of her own in years!

When you see her and Abdul together at 1:14, you’ll swear you can see them smiling in absolute joy! Soon, Iris will be introduced to more chimpanzees and will never be alone again!

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