Chicken Hilariously Ruins Freshly Paved Concrete

A chicken decided to make some Australian road-workers job a little more difficult when she saw their freshly-paved sidewalk. Instead of walking on the dirt, she thought she’d leave an impression, or two, or three.

One of the workers explained to ViralHog:

“So we were working away in a busy suburban area when I look up to find a nothing but a chicken walking through all our freshly paved work. We bullfloated the concrete and chicken got distracted by the yellow star picket caps and pecked at them for the rest of the job. Around 3 he disappeared into someone’s front yard.”

They thought their travails with the chicken were over, but no. The chicken returned.

“We were working there the next day and surely around 10:00AM he came back out again,” the worker said. “So [we] put caps everywhere all over the dry concrete and he was off.”

I love how their little ingenuity got the job done!

Watch the chicken leaving her mark in the funny video below.