Chained Dog Minutes Away From Drowning In Texas Floods Saved By News Crew

The dangerous flooding that has hit many counties in Texas this past week forcing hundreds of people to evacuate their homes and claiming lives. But one dog left behind in Fort Bend County is getting a second chance after she nearly drowned after being chained to a fence.

The dog could do nothing to escape her predicament. When a news crew from KPRC in Houston spotted her from a distance, her head was barely above the water. They could hardly believe that someone had left the dog chained to the front of the house.


Screenshot via Facebook

The news crew and volunteers jumped out of their boat and untethered the dog to free her and transport her to safety.

Here’s a video of the dog’s rescue. From the looks of it, they got to her just in the nick of time!

Houston Humane Society (HHS) came and picked up the sweet dog and took her back to the shelter for some much needed rest. “BIG thanks to KPRC2 Phil Archer, KPRC2 / Click2Houston, Sheriff Troy E. Nehls, & Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office for saving this girl, HHS wrote.

She got cleaned up, fed, vaccinated and settled in for the night. Although, the HHS says they heard that “the Sheriff shared a ham sandwich with her earlier”.

They have named her Archer, in honor of KPRC2 Phil Archer, who was part of the crew that saved her life. “She’s a total sweetheart that loves getting attention,” HHS wrote. “We’re giving her plenty of rest and relaxation and over the next few days our clinic will be keeping an eye on her.”

The news clip below shows more footage of Archer’s rescue.

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