Cab Driver Helps A Dad Rescue His Daughter During Las Vegas Shooting

A taxi driver is being thanked for his actions on the night of the Las Vegas shooting after he drove toward the danger with a frantic father.

Cab driver John Zerquera-Jimenez drove right toward Mandalay Bay when a dad jumped into his cab and told him there was a shooting going on at the hotel and pleaded with him if he would pick up his daughter, Ashley.

Dashcam footage captured the tense scene as the father and Jimenez searched for Ashley on their way to the Route 91 Harvest Festival. An excerpt of their car ride captures how upset the dad is and yet Zerquera-Jimenez remains calm.

Dad: “Hurry up there’s a shooting going on there.”

Zerquera-Jimenez: “Somebody’s shooting?”

Father: “Yes, get me there as fast as you can, my daughter is calling me.”

Father: “Hey, listen, they don’t know where these shooters are. I don’t want to get you. I don’t want to get you ***** up. You’re driving on your own.”

At one point, the father offered him money but Zerquera-Jimenez refused, saying he wouldn’t take it as he has kids too.

Eleven minutes later they arrived out front of a meeting point and Ashley, her husband and 5 other terrified people piled into the back.

One passenger can be heard telling Jimenez, “Thank You. I don’t know you but I love you.”

Once everyone was driven to safety, Jimenez drove back and picked up 5 more people.

His bravery and selflessness is being applauded by those he helped, but, a father himself, he knows he did the right thing.

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