Bus Driver Finds Friendly Stray Dog Waiting For A Ride

A bus driver in Chile posted a video of a dog he discovered sitting on his bus, which has since gone viral. In the short and sweet clip, the driver finds the dog a few seats back, looking out of the window.

The dog looks over at the driver and gets a pat on the head, before turning his attention back to looking out the window. Moments later, the dog curled up for a nap.

According to the Santiago bus driver, Cristhian Lizama Fuentas, the dog got on the bus with a man he thought was the dog’s owner. But the dog stuck around after that passenger had left. When Fuentas reached his final stop he went to get the dog some food, but when he returned the dog had disappeared.

Fuentas later learned from other bus drivers that the very same dog has regular stops where he waits for the buses and then hops on for a free ride.

Watch Fuentas’ viral video below.