Thousands of Women Are Throwing Man An Epic Dance Party After He Was Made Fun Of While Dancing

A man who was body-shamed for dancing at a concert is now getting the party of a lifetime after thousands of women banded together to find him.

The unknown man’s story went viral after photos were posted on the online message board 4chan with the following caption from an anonymous user, “Spotted this specimen trying to dance the other week. He stopped when he saw us laughing.”


Image via Twitter/ @CassandraRules

This caught the attention of many people across multiple social media platforms who called out the original poster for bullying. One person who decided to do something more than talk about it was Cassandra Fairbanks, a writer at The Free Thought Project. Taking to Twitter on March 5, 2015 she attempted to track down the “Dancing Man” and asked the Internet, “Anyone know this man or who posted this? There’s a huge group of ladies in LA who would like to do something special.”

The goal? To find the dancing man and throw him an epic dance party. Well, just 12 hours and 11,000 Tweets later she found him. Sean lives in London and confirmed he is the the man in question via Twitter.


Image via Twitter/@CassandraRules

Since then, $25,000 has been raised to fly him to LA where he can dance his heart out at a special party to be held in his honor.

Fairbanks’ and her friends’ goodwill gesture  has gotten so much attention, that several celebrities and musicians, including Moby and Pharrell Williams, have expressed an interest in joining the celebration.

Sean is stunned by all the support from strangers. Under the Twitter handle @DancingManFound he wrote, “Today is a day I have never imagined would happen!”

Fairbanks is equally amazed writing, “This outpouring of kindness on display from so many different people from all over the world is really heart warming. People really are good.”

No one should ever be made to feel ashamed for dancing and trying to have a good time!

It’s wonderful that so many people have rallied to support Sean and to send a positive message.

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