Dog’s Rescue Is Shocking And Inspiring, And His Reaction To His Rescuer Is The Sweetest

Volunteers from LA on Cloud 9 had spotted a dog in the LA river and called Eldad Hagar with Hope For Paws for help. An eyewitness had told them the little dog had been brutalized and thrown 30 feet down into the canal. He had been lying there for 2 days when Eldad went down a ladder to reach him. But Eldad was not prepared for what he found.

The tiny dog was in so much pain he could barely stand to be touched and when Eldad lifted him I gasped out loud! Someone had cut off his foot.

On the way to emergency, Eldad named the dog Jordan. He chronicles Jordan’s remarkable recovery in the weeks that followed. And when you see how this brave little dog faces his challenges you will be inspired!

If you are unable to view the video above, please watch the version below:

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