Bruno the Quirky Fat Cat Finds A Home After Going Viral

When Bruno arrived at Wright-Way Rescue in Illinois the first thing they noticed about the cat was that he was overweight. His family said they were giving him up because he didn’t get along with the kids in the family, but the staff at the shelter thought it probably had more to do with his weight.

At 25 pounds, Bruno was too heavy to get around, but he did have a few quirks that made him instantly endearing to the staff taking care of him.

For one thing he likes posing on his hind legs.

He also likes to be petted when he’s eating. He will eat without pets, but seems to like the company when he eats. He also doesn’t drink water fro bowls in the kitchen, but he will anywhere else in the house. He’s also polydactyl, so he has extra fingers on his paws. As the shelter said, he’s a bit quirky or “extra”, if you will.

Bruno’s curious habits and his plump appearance immediately caught the attention of the Internet and the rotund cat quickly went viral.

There was no shortage of people wanting to adopt him as soon news got out that he was available for adoption. But after some competition, Lauren Paris and Jason Bartlett were selected as his newly adopted family. Paris was overjoyed; she had campaigned hard to get Bruno. She even recorded an original song about him! As she later revealed, “He’s extra and I am too”.

Bruno will be going on a diet but he’s already loving his new home.

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