Random Boys Were Asked To Slap A Girl And Each Responded The Same Way

In a social experiment exploring violence against women, young boys in Italy were asked to slap a girl. Italian media company fanpage.it created the video, which is meant to show how both violence and pacifism can be taught at an early age.

The boys are introduced to a young girl named Martina, and each is asked to caress her, which they do. When asked to make a funny face at her, they do that too. However, when the boys are asked to slap her, they all are taken aback.

All of the boys shake their heads and refuse. When asked why they wouldn’t slap her, all of the boys responded that they did not want to hurt her and men should never hit girls. “Why? ‘Cause I’m a man!” replied one of the boys. Another answers, “You should never strike a woman, not even with a flower.”

It’s certainly thought provoking, although it’s reassuring to see these young boys being raised right! What do you think?

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