Heroic Family Dog Saves Toddler’s Life After She Gets Lost In Wilderness

A faithful family dog named Blue helped save 3-year-old Victoria Bensch from dying of exposure after the toddler wandered away from her home on a frigid February evening and got lost in the wilderness behind her home.

Victoria had wandered from her home in just a t-shirt in the rural town of Cordes Lakes, Arizona to search for the family’s other dog, who she mistakenly thought was gone. Blue, a Queensland Heeler who has been with Victoria since she was a baby, stayed by the toddler’s side throughout the night where temperatures dropped below 30 degrees (-1 C).

Not long after they wandered off, her parents noticed they were missing and raised the alarm. Search and Rescue teams searched for 15 hours and the following morning a helicopter spotted her lying face down in a dry creek bed with Blue next to her.

Blue was protecting her and at first wouldn’t let the medics approach. But as soon as Victoria got up and began to smile, Blue’s mood changed immediately and he relaxed. When he realized they were there to help he got very excited and ran around while Victoria was looked after. And when it was time to go he jumped into the helicopter with her and was ready to go.

Victoria’s feet were swollen, she had frostbite, and her body was covered with scratches but she was otherwise all right. The family and authorities knew it was thanks to Blue that she was still alive. The sheriff’s office spokesman said, “The dog kept her alert, warm and gave her companionship throughout a very cold night.”

What a heroic dog and faithful friend! I’m so glad both were safe after such a frightening ordeal.

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