Black Bear Opens Minivan, Brings 4 Cubs Inside For A Romp

A family discovered that car doors are no barriers for bears in the Adirondacks, especially if you leave them unlocked.

Denise Montalto Pappas and her family were at their cabin at Old Forge in the Adirondack Mountains located in northeastern New York, when the bear family paid them a visit.

Surveillance footage shows a black bear strolling up to the minivan and then using her paw to open open the sliding door and the driver side door!

She goes inside the vehicle and out the other side. But the video doesn’t end there – four of her cubs appear out of the woods and join her in the vehicle!

Pappas told that the cars were rentals but that the wild bears were unexpectedly gentle.

“We have never had any problems with the wildlife,” she said, noting that the bears didn’t cause any damage inside the vehicle. “Just some paw prints.”

Pappas said the bear did break the door handle on the locked red truck, but she’s not disappointed or scared.

“I’m waiting to catch a moose on the cameras. I check the night motion all the time praying to see one,” she said.

One viewer commenting on the video joked, “It’s not easy walking around in them forests with four troublesome toddlers you know – a Mini Van makes more sense to me.”

Another wrote, “When you have to make a run to the store for porridge and have no choice but to bring the kids.”

Others were impressed with the mama bear’s skill. “Wow! She opened the door with her ” bear” hands. Very intelligent” and “Not her first time opening up a door I see”.

Watch for yourself in the video below and share this smart bear with your friends.