Mother Bird Bravely Stops Tractor From Ploughing Over Her Eggs

A mother bird bravely protected her eggs from a tractor just as it was about to plough over her eggs. A farmer ploughing a field in Mongolia filmed the touching moment of the bird putting herself in harm’s way to save her babies.

In the video, the bird flaps her wings as she walks towards the moving tractor in an attempt to ward off the giant machine.


The farmer, named Zhang Guoqiang, lives in Ulanqab city in Inner Mongolia.


He stopped his tractor and reportedly protected the nesting bird. He also left out water for the bird to drink.

He reportedly went to check on the bird and discovered her three eggs had hatched and “only the shells were left.”

I’m glad the farmer was able to spot the bird and her nest in time, given how camouflaged they are on the dry, dirt field. But the mother bird most certainly helped alert him.

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