Bikers Are Guardian Angels To Abused Mom And Daughter

For years, Karen and her young daughter lived in fear from her abusive husband. Fearing for their lives, Karen found help from an unlikely group of people. 15 men and women bikers from Bikers Against Child Abuse (BACA), a non-profit organization that works to create a safer environment for abused children and their families.

The bikers step in to help an overwhelmed court system and overwhelmed and frightened children. They provide abused children 24/7 protection and that’s exactly what they did for Karen’s daughter.

If a child needs anything, the BACA members are there to help them. One member in the video below says, “If a child has problems sleeping or afraid to get on the bus or go to school, we’re there.”

Karen says BACA was there for her when she needed them most and for that she’s grateful to her guardian angels. For her daughter she can rest assured she’s always got someone on her side looking out for her.

What a wonderful thing this group is doing to help children feel less afraid!

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