Big Dog Suddenly Goes Lame, Learns To Walk Again So He Can Be With His Favorite Human

Melissa Mullamphy and her husband got Grizzly for their young son Luke. One day, the huge, young dog suddenly went lame and he couldn’t walk. He was diagnosed with Wobblers and they took a chance on surgery. He came out of the surgery still unable to walk.

The family rallied behind him, but trying to figure out how to lift a 160-pound dog wasn’t without it’s challenges.

Over the next half year they did everything to help him walk again, but no one wanted to get back on his feet more than Grizzly himself.

Watch Grizzly’s heartwarming road to recovery in the video below.

Melissa Mullamphy has written a children’s book based on Luke and Grizzly “Me, My Dog, and a Sheep” available on Amazon.

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