Bernese Mountain Dog and River Otter Play Together

Bernese Mountain Dogs and otters are cute and lovable on their own but when you put them together it’s cuteness overload! Heidy the dog and Loulou the river otter are best friends and grew up together. In the video, the pair are seen tussling and rolling on the grass together. They love to chase each other all around the yard, that is until Lolou jumps in the river!

It turns out Lolou was orphaned when she was a baby and she was taken in by Maxime Descoteaux back in 2010. No wonder she is so friendly and playful with Heidy – the dog is part of her family!

In the video below you can see a lot more of Loulou. She is full of energy and is a playful spirit. It’s clear she loves her adoptive family.

Descoteaux gave a few more details on his YouTube channel as to how Lolou ended up with his family. He wrote [translated from French] that Loulou was brought to his family after the baby otter was found alone after a flood. She was so young that she hadn’t opened her eyes yet.

The otter was brought to them because she needed to be near water and their property has a river that borders their land. Lolou is free to come and go as she pleases, but they have an enclosure for her so she has a place to sleep at night. She eats almost 1.5 kg of fish per day, so they regularly go to the fish shop!

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