Black Bear Takes A Relaxing Dip In Hot Tub While Stunned Family Watches On

First the bear knocked over his cup of coffee, then it climbed into his jacuzzi.

Mason Trebony wasn’t expecting the extra guest who showed up at his holiday retreat in the Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee. But a black bear decided to use the jacuzzi on the deck of the cabin he and his wife were holidaying at. Trebony pulled out his camera and filmed the bear casually climbing into the tub after pulling off the cover which lead Trebony to comment, “I’m glad I wasn’t in the jacuzzi.”

Once the bear is inside the tub he relaxed and took in the a beautiful view of the morning sun over the mountains. “It’s just having a blast,” Trebony said in video. At one point the bear looks over his shoulder at Trebony as if asking ‘why aren’t you enjoying this with me?’

People watching the video couldn’t help but comment about how it seems like a “reverse Goldilocks situation.” “The Bear is thinking to himself the river water is too cold. But man that hot tub water is soo nice and warm,” wrote one. “The bear is “living its best life,” wrote another.

Trebony said the bear stayed in the jacuzzi for about 15 minutes before wandering back into the woods.

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