Black Bear Enjoys Sliding Down Snow Slope For Fun

Humans aren’t the only animals who enjoy sliding in the snow. Otters are also known to enjoy a slide in the snow as are dogs. And from what the video below reveals, bears can be added to the list.

A family riding a chairlift at Whistler Blackcomb Ski resort caught sight of a bear several feet below them. The black bear was lumbering towards a patch of snow when he decided to “ski” the rest of the way down.

In the short clip shared by CANADA Explore, the bear is seen flopping onto his belly and sliding down the snowy slope. After a few seconds of sliding on his belly he flops onto his side and slides the rest of the way down.

Not only is sliding a faster way to get down the hill, but the activity probably cooled him off. The patches of grass visible indicate the video was likely recorded in the Spring, when bears are waking up from hibernation. But it’s hard not to imagine the bear was also just having some plain old fun!

Watch the entertaining clip below.

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