These Swimming Lessons Teach Babies How To Save Themselves From Drowning

There are many safety considerations when baby-proofing your home, but one of the biggest may be keeping infants safe around pools. In the video below, it’s stated that drowning is the number one killer for children under 5 years of age in 18 states in the US. That’s scary! When I was this video, I surprised by what a company called Infant Swimming Resource is doing to help babies avoid unintentionally drowning and to encourage parents to teach their children how to swim.

They’ve developed a program to help teach infants and toddlers a self-rescue technique that could help them if they fall into water by accident. Infants learn to roll onto their backs and float, which allows them to not only breathe, but to cry for help.

Water safety is so important for everyone to learn. Please share this video with your friends and families so they can know about this.

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