Hyper Baby Goat Hilariously ‘Plays’ With Her Friends

What this baby goat does when she plays with her friends will make you laugh out loud.

Buttermilk is one feisty, bouncy, playful kid. She’s got a lot more energy than her friends and shows just how much more. Or maybe she’s practicing Parkour?

With over 15 million views, Buttermilk’s hilarious play time has earned him a lot of fans. After watching Buttermilk in action, people couldn’t resist commenting, “Buttermilk obviously thinks he is in a Jackie Chan movie.” Another added, “Buttermilk shows you can parkour off anything … even other goats.”

One other viewer pointed out the other goats seemed a bit taken aback by Buttermilk’s hyper energy. “I’m sure the other 3 friend goats are really tired of Buttermilk! I mean, they seem to be like: ‘OMG, Buttermilk, just chill…'”

But everyone is in agreement that Buttermilk is one very funny kid.

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